Cardi B: her rival Nicki Minaj celebrates Pink Friday!

Cardi B had better watch out! While Offset’s sweetheart goes about her business, her rival Nicki Minaj is celebrating her Pink Friday!

10 years ago, Nicki Minaj panicked the whole world with her first album. This is of course Pink Friday, which was released around the same time as the iconic Black Friday. Enough to annoy her enemy, Cardi B.

There are some artists who have cultivated a rivalry for years. If in France, we are witnessing quarrels between Kaaris and Booba, across the Atlantic, it is the rappers who are at war.

So, Cardi B doesn’t like Nicki Minaj, and the latter pays him back. Endlessly compared, one jealous of the success of the other in short, and vice versa.

However, it was Nicki Minaj who started first. Building on her success, she is now celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of her flagship albums: Pink Friday.

This is of course her very first studio album, which delighted the Barbzes. With all due respect to the haters, our African American Barbie was in the game long before Cardi B …

Thanks to this nugget, the great rival of Cardi B was able to place itself high in the charts. Rap icon, her album was therefore awarded the triple platinum certification.


A good start for Nicki Minaj, already known at the time for her feats and mixtapes. The “Super Bass” singer certainly wanted to mark the occasion.

On Twitter, she invites her Barbz to “prepare your outfits for the virtual celebration”. Cardi B just has to behave …

What Nicki concocts for us for this Pink Friday is still obscure. However, we can expect something grandiose this November 20!

The rap Barbie has therefore teased all this through a retrospective video on her Instagram account. To be continued …

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