Capture natural colors with Tiffen’s NATural ND filters

Tiffen’s NATural ND filters cover the full spectrum with a consistent neutral image.

Color shift, IR contamination, and the challenge of full spectrum light coverage are just some of the problems cameramen and still photographers face when shooting with a modern digital camera. Tiffen designed hers NATural ND Filter with these issues in mind.

Tiffen designed the NATural ND filters to keep most colors neutral so that shooters capture exactly what they see. If you don’t add hues like blue or gray, the image of the subject will appear in its natural shape as soon as the light hits it, while the ND filter removes sharp edges.

In addition, the NATural ND filters can maintain a balance between IR and UV light by blocking the entire light spectrum evenly. The two-layer arrangement of the NATural ND reflects IR light with one layer and lets visible and UV light through. Not only is the result a uniform image projected onto the sensor, but the IR contamination becomes remote storage.

Tiffen accomplishes this feat by placing their filters between two pieces of white water glass, which protects the ND from damage. The process known as ColorCore prevents the coating from wearing out over time. If the filter is scratched in daily use, the glass is brought up to date by simply polishing it without endangering the ND coatings underneath.

NATural NDs are available in two sizes, which are also available as a screw-in versionRecognition: Stiffen

And shooters who borrow their ND filters can be sure that the NATural ND system will be consistent across the extended use of the shoot and with multiple camera settings. From the lens, the image the cameraman sees is the image on the screen. This reduces the time it takes to correct the color for chromatic aberration.

With a cool, bronze-like sheen that doesn’t interfere with image streaming to the processor, the Tiffen NATural ND filter is built to last and is a must-have for capturing this professional image.

NATural screw-in optionsRecognition: Stiffen

The filters for NATural ND filters are available in two sizes with a density range from 0.3 to 2.1 (1 to 7 f-stops). The 6.6 x 6.6 “ starts at $ 629, and the 4×5.65 “ starts at $ 429. Tiffen also makes a lower cost screw-in version of the lens filter that allows a filter to be attached over the faceplate.

There are options ranging from 46mm up to 82mm, covering a wide variety of lenses for mirrorless and DSLR shooters. The screw-in versions cost between $ 100 and $ 150 and are suitable for every budget.

If you are new to the Tiffen name, they offer a wide variety of filtering options. One of our favorites is this Black pro crap Series that controls highlights and gives the image a subtle pastel look.

Have you used Tiffen’s NATural ND filters? If so, share your thoughts with the community.

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