‘Captain America’ Falcon and Winter Soldier Wyatt Russell receives death threats for playing the role

Playing Captain America in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier brings death threats to Wyatt Russell (Photo credit – IMDb)

The internet is a weird place and it never ceases to amaze us. As netizens celebrated the marvelous cinematic splendor of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier over the course of a month now, it looks like the celebration has now hit a roadblock. And to our collective shock, that has to do something with the studio’s decision to cast Wyatt Russell as Captain America on the show.

For a better part of our lives, the actor we agreed to play the obedient Captain America with is the gray-eyed boy Chris Evans. Not to forget, he passed his coat on to Falcon, aka Anthony Mackie, and fans accepted it as well. But when legendary artist Kurt Russell’s son Wyatt Russell was nominated for an appearance on the ongoing hit Disney Plus show, he was threatened with death. No kidding, read on to find out all you should about this exciting update of the day.

According to We Got This Covered, fans are not happy that Wyatt Russell is reprising the character of the American agent. The actor made a cameo appearance as Captain America in a sequence on the show, and that’s what pissed off some Chris Evans fans. They paraded on his fan page (since he’s not on Twitter) and put death threats there. But some of the sane fans seem to have started defending Russell and speaking out against toxic fan culture.

One Twitter user wrote: “The Falcon and Winter Soldier is phenomenal. The acting and writing are superb. And I’m going to let my flu geek out for a minute… Wyatt Russell is playing a character. Perfectly. There is no bigger fan of Cap than me and the fact that he receives death threats is disgusting. Another wrote: “Wyatt Russell is getting death threats for playing Captain America. People are just not mature enough to understand the difference between “actor” and “character”. Like a person can be childish. It is really shameful. That’s why people like Marvel are for kids DC is for men. “

One Twitter user even reminded everyone that he is the new Cap and a character entirely different from the character of Chris Evans. “All of you in the Ugly Toxic Fandom asF: Wyatt Russell is playing a role.” “New Cap”, or US Agent is meant to be completely different from Cap! He’s not a nice nice guy like Steve. Those who send death threats are no better than the people who caused hell on the Jar Jar Binks actor, ”the user wrote.

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