Can Sonali’s Cougar Like Aly Goni Pip Rakhi Sawant’s Antics?

Bigg Boss 14: Can Sonali’s cougar like Aly pip Rakhi’s antics? (Photo credit – Instagram / Aly Goni; Facebook / Rakhi Sawant / Sonali Phogat)

Rakhi Sawant and his antics have a new rival in the Bigg Boss 14 household. Sonali Phogat, well in her forties and a mother of one, claims she loves her compatriot Aly Goni, 29.

Cougar love isn’t an alien syndrome in this wide world, and seeing it happen in the Bigg Boss house would only seem natural, given the show’s sensationalistic focus. This time, however, it’s a little different.

Sonali passes her on to Aly when the whole world has learned that he could marry Jasmin Bhasin once he is out of the house.

Arshi Khan, who has been close to Sonali, was the first to know about the latter’s feelings. In a recent episode, Arshi was seen asking Sonali to play a staring game with Eijaz Khan and Aly. To this, Sonali said she could do it with Eijaaz but not with Aly. When Aly insisted, she continued to blush and refused.

Later, Sonali was seen discussing the topic with Rakhi, Rahul Vaidya, and Arshi. Rakhi told Sonali that it’s okay to have feelings for someone.

To tease Sonali, Rahul was heard singing the number “Teri aankhon ke siwa” for Sonali and Aly, and the duo danced to the song.

Sonali has also been heard saying that her name cannot be spelled without Aly’s name missing. Roommates soon teased them about creating a hashtag – SonAli!

In an episode of Midnight Masala Bigg Boss 14. Aly was seen telling Sonali that it was totally normal that she felt for him but that he had feelings for Jasmine.

Aly was also seen explaining to other roommates that they shouldn’t tease him or Sonali as the latter has a daughter, who is going to school and could be affected by it all.

However, Sonali was still seen flirting with Aly. In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, she was overheard saying that she would be cleaning up the area near the room where Aly was sitting.

Sonali’s love angle crept into the series moments after being nominated for deportation alongside names such as Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik.

They say “all is fair in love and war,” and advancing to the Bigg Boss 14 trophy is nothing more than the war itself. It seems Sonali wants to use love to win his war.

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