Campaign for developers from Huawei

China-based Huawei launched a campaign to increase interest in its app store, AppGallery. It will be waiting for developers who are waiting to publish their 30 thousand euros worth of award games within AppGallery. In addition, many privileges will be offered.

Huawei will distribute money to developers with AppGallery

Having lost ties with the Play Store after the tension with America, Huawei has now rolled up its sleeves to attract users and developers to its app store. The firm announced that it has agreed on a special financing program with Unity for its app store, AppGallery. The program in question includes 30,000 Euros worth of revenue sharing, VIP support and many awards.

AppGallery geliştiricilere para dağıtacak

Huawei, the company that wants to work with software developers who develop Indie games in the first place, will give the best 30 games on the platform, one thousand euros. The main purpose of this payment type, called Huawei Ad Platform (Huawei Advertising Platform), is to try to attract the attention of developers. On the other hand, developers will benefit from features such as 85% revenue share in in-app purchases and the opportunity to get technical support for their games for the first two years.

Huawei, which suffered from the Trump government’s ban on Chinese companies, lost its connection with the Play Store as a result. He also had trouble providing a processor. The platform, which has approximately 700 million users worldwide, ranks 3rd behind Play Store and App Store. You can click here to learn more about AppGallery.

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