California passes law to promote diversity in the film workforce

This bill adopts Capitol Hill.

Diversity and inclusion in film and television teams are getting better, but not to the extent that one would like them to. California is reaching into its wallet to encourage change.

The California Film Commission found that only 13% of those employed in the industry were Latinos, 6% black, and 3% Asian-American. These numbers were too low to be considered inclusive. So the bill was introduced.

The bill is known as SB 611 and is supported by major Hollywood studios and worker groups. It passed 39-0. The next step is to appear before the meeting.

Bill’s author, Senator Ben Allen, said in a statement: “Everyone would like to see more diversity in Hollywood, this is ultimately about the democratization of television and film production. We know that there are incredibly talented young people from many different backgrounds. ”

The bill aims to create incentives for diverse and inclusive attitudes by providing monetary kickbacks. They do this by creating a training program with skilled workers.

The Career path training program is expected to start shortly. If you are in California and want to get into the industry, you should definitely give it a try!

If the invoice is accepted, productions that receive the credit can claim up to 20% or 25% of their qualifying expenses. That adds up quickly!

So what are the parameters of a diverse setting?

They must employ graduates of the training program in at least 60% of the production departments.

This is all a pretty clever way of tackling the problem. Not only do they train the staff, but they also make it incredibly financially smart to hire them. I think the training is really what makes it tick. People often say that there is not enough manpower or that they don’t want to take the time to find new people. Well, now they have a direct influx of people to hire.

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