California Governor Gavin Newsom tears up Texas Governor Greg Abbott over lifting mask ban – Deadline

Just minutes after California announced that seven counties – including San Francisco – were allowed to reopen further due to declining Covid-19 numbers, Gov. Gavin Newsom excoriated a decision from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday. , to lift the mask mandate of this state.

Sharing an Associated Press story on Twitter, Newsom simply wrote, “Absolutely reckless.”

Newsom, a Democrat, and Abbott, a Republican, have things in common. They are the governors of the two most populous states in the nation. They have also recently faced unprecedented natural disasters – wildfires in California and freezing weather across Texas – while simultaneously dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Newsom has come under fire for one of America’s longest and strictest lockdowns. Abbott has been attacked by many in his own party for the mask tenure and other restrictions. The two officials have recently lifted the restrictions. Newsom on Monday announced a plan to reopen TK-2 classrooms by April 1. Abbott today repealed the mask restriction as well as the rules that limit the number of diners or patrons allowed inside.

Los Angeles, Orange counties are very close to a less restrictive Covid-19 reopening level

“The removal of statewide warrants does not end personal accountability,” Abbott said, as quoted by AP, as he spoke from a crowded dining room in Lubbock. “It’s just that now state mandates are no longer needed,” he said. Mississippi also lifted its mask requirement on Tuesday.

That’s a puzzling claim given that, according to Johns Hopkins University, Texas now has the highest number of new daily Covid cases in the country, with 7,778 reported in the past 24 hours. This places it right above the state of Newsom.

The Governor of California, for his part, has had a tweet pinned to the top of his account since June 2020
reminding the inhabitants of his state that “you are now obliged to wear a mask in public spaces”.

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