Caitlyn Jenner governor candidacy won’t keep pace with the Kardashians – Report – Deadline

If Caitlyn Jenner follows through on her plans to run for governor of California, a report suggests her Kardashian alliance won’t be very visible on the campaign trail.

TMZ reports that Caitlyn, 71, told the family about her plans before announcing them publicly. Citing sources, TMZ said she did not expect the family to be active supporters. Mom Kris Jenner’s divorce and Jenner’s former conservative stances were cited as reasons.

Jenner will run as a Republican in an effort to oust Governor Gavin Newsom. Kim Kardashian has worked with President Donald Trump on prison reform issues and has given token support for ex-husband Kanye West’s abortive run for president, but also endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, while Caitlyn endorsed Trump (Jenner later admitted the support was “wrong,” but has several Trump advisers on board for his campaign as governor of California.

Jenner announced on Friday that she had filed the first documents to run against Newsom in a possible recall election.

“I’m in!” she declared on Twitter, with the “Caitlyn for California” banner.

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