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UPDATE: After revealing earlier today that veteran CAA agent Jay Baker was abruptly released by the agency after an insensitive joke, Deadline got to the bottom of what had happened. Today’s events have to do with an exchange Baker had with manager Jewerl Keats Ross, with whom Baker replaced Moonlight director Barry Jenkins. I got an email from Ross explaining everything. Here is that email:

From: Jewerl Keats Ross
Date: Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 2:57 PM
Subject: Menace 2 Society
To: Jay Baker


It’s only because we’ve worked together for so many years, and because we’ve been through so much together, that I’m going to take the risk and be really honest with you.

I called you yesterday and asked you to try to give me a first glimpse of your client’s movie Travelers because I’m launching a film where we want to consider the main actress of Travelers. It is a favor and I have made a passionate plea for your help. You then told me that my request reminds you of the crack addict scene from Society Threat 2. And then you sent me a link to the scene. On the call I laughed at your comments and made a joke at my own expense and then moved on to other topics. I didn’t think back to that conversation until later that night when I went through my text messages and looked at the link you sent.

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After looking at the link, I am horrified.

I want you to watch the scene you sent me again. It’s here:

I am a black man in America. No black man in America wants to think that a white person thinks that asking for a favor is asking for crack. The first thing that came to my mind was if I was white and asked for a favor, would you ever have thought about this scene? And would you have ever sent it?

I am a black man in Hollywood. No black man in Hollywood wants to think his professional connections would ever compare him in a million years to this scene.

You are a white man in a position of power. Watching this scene from the seat of your power pains my heart!

Talking about it with my boyfriend last night made me cry. The last time I really cried was when my sister passed away in 2019.

I would like to know what else to say.


PREVIOUS EXCLUSIVITY, 3:08 PST: Deadline has learned that longtime CAA agent Jay Baker abruptly separated from the agency today. CAA made no comment.

The customers that Baker was on the sales rep teams are impressive. It included Oscar nominees Minari Writer / Director Lee Isaac Chung, Oliver Stone, Duncan Jones, J Blakeson, Rupert Sanders, Nimrod Antal, Wong Kar-Wai, Yann Demange, Pablo Larrain, Neil Burger, Joby Harold, Christina Hodson, Rupert Sanders and Davis Guggenheim. The word we hear is that this was an inappropriate joke. The fidgetcube will tell you more when we find out.

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