BVLGARI and Tribeca Enlist Cynthia Erivo to Host Short Film Series – Film Briefs – Deadline

Bvlgari and Tribeca Studios recruited Oscar nominee Cynthia Erivo to host her Female Trailblazers series, which focuses on showcasing resilient and extraordinary women through short films.

On Monday, the singer-actress will host virtual panels for two films, LEVEL 448 and Ezinma. The series, which begins at 6 p.m. ET, will begin with Bella Monticelli Lot 448. Monticelli’s short work follows an art activist as she tries to prevent a rare artifact from falling into corrupt hands.

Ezinma, by Alison Chernick, follows a violinist who is revolutionizing the world of classical music. The titular character takes her rigorous classical training and transforms it into a fresh, radical, and intersectional genre of her own, gaining recognition from notable artists, including Beyoncé.

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Both films are among six titles produced under Bvlgari’s three-year partnership with Tribeca Studios and the finale to be premiered in association with the Tribeca Film Festival. The full line of Female Trailblazer series will be available to stream on Google, Apple + and Amazon Prime in mid-February.


Faith film

Christine swanson is set to write and direct a currently untitled feature film inspired by the life of criminal justice reform lawyer Kemba Smith. At 23, Smith was charged with co-conspiring in the drug trafficking crimes of her college boyfriend and sentenced to 24 and a half years in federal prison without the possibility of parole. Often referred to as a “poster child” for reversing a disturbing trend of increasing lengthy sentences for non-violent offenders for the first time, she had her sentence commuted by President Bill Clinton in December 2000 after serving six and a half years. Since his release, Smith has dedicated his life to sharing his story of redemption and resilience in an effort to end mass incarceration and empower women and youth today to choose a healthier path. in life.

The photo is produced by the Moving Picture Institute in association with BET. It will be released in theaters and will have its television debut on BET. MPI’s Stacey Parks, Lana Link and Rob Pfaltzgraff will produce, with Smith, Nick Reid of MPI and Maureen Guthman and Constance Orlando of BET as executive producers. Swanson will also serve as a co-producer.

She recently directed the hit movie Lifetime, The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of the Gospel, which was the recipient of the African American Film Critics Association’s Best Television Film Award in 2020 and recently nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Directed Television. Swanson is replaced by lawyer Nina Shaw.


Six feet above productions

Travon Free, Van Lathan and Nicholas Maye formed Six feet above productions, a production company that aims to provide the entertainment landscape with another well of talent and content to draw from. The first project under the new banner is a short film titled Two distant strangers, written and co-directed by Free. With Joey Bada $$ and Andrew Howard, the photo of a black man trying to get home with his dog. The filmmakers are currently campaigning for the 2021 Live-Action Short Oscars.

Free is a two-time Emmy winner as a writer The daily show and Full frontal with Samantha Bee. He has been a writer / producer on shows like Adam McKay’s upcoming drama Laker, Showtime, black monday with Don Cheadle and Lena Dunham’s Camping. Lathan, a well-established host and media personality, currently hosts a Higher Learning podcast, which highlights black culture, politics and sports, as well as The wire: at the end of the hole with Jemele Hill, who breaks down every episode of the HBO classic. Maye, currently program director of the African American Film Critics Association, recently produced the Netflix documentary Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story.

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