“But where’s the money?”

When Monica Bedi responded to accusations of being a gold digger with Abu Salem: “But where is the money?” – Deets Inside (Photo credit – Instagram)

“Love comes when you least expect it,” they say. You don’t plan on falling in love with someone, it just happens. Something similar happened with Monica Bedi and Abu Salem. The two were madly in love with each other and the actress had to pay the price for loving an Indian gangster.

Monica and Abu’s love life was really complicated. The gangster revealed that the two were married in Los Angeles in a mosque as the actress denied the marriage allegations.

Born in Punjab, Monica Bedi’s parents quickly moved to Norway with her as a child. A report in Filmfare suggests the couple met at an event in Dubai and soon Abu Salem started calling them every half hour and that’s how the closeness between them grew.

“I met Abu towards the end of 1998 at a show in Dubai. He introduced himself as a businessman but with a different name. After I returned to Mumbai, he kept in touch. We became friends over the phone. He called me every half hour; the level of comfort has grown between us. I started to share things with him. We continued to talk on the phone for about nine months. I don’t know when we fell in love. Then I flew to Dubai to meet him. There he told me that his real name was Abu Salem. Even then, I didn’t know who “Abu Salem” was. In fact, few people had heard his name at the time. He said he owned a car showroom, which he showed me from outside. He also organized shows. In the short time we spent, we were kind to each other. You watch a movie, go to dinner and your time is up… He was loving, caring and down to earth. I didn’t feel the need to go into more detail. When you’re in love, you can’t see beyond, ”Monica revealed.

Abu Salem was apparently very deprived of his personal life. “Little by little, I realized that he was a powerful person. There were guards around him all the time and a lot of movement. I found that strange, ”added Monica Bedi.

Before being arrested in Portugal, the couple stayed in the United States for some time. Speaking of the same, Monica said, “Abu had money. So people thought I was living like a princess. But I only saw hard times and struggled with him. We continued to move from one place to another. I used to clean, cook, wash for him… In fact, I learned cooking with him. If I witnessed a good life, it was only with my parents or with my hard-earned money. People would say, “She’s with him for money.” But where is the money? I don’t blame the difficulties; it was only his nature that had become aggressive and irritable. I wondered why I was dragged into the mess.

Later, when the two men were arrested, the actress revealed that she was actually happy that this had happened and said: “Then the passport problem happened (in September 2002, Monica was arrested. with Abu Salem by the Lisbon police for entering Portugal with false documents. They served a prison sentence in Portugal). When we were arrested, I was the happiest person. I thought I would be deported to India. When I read the indictment against him in Portugal – the sentences, the serious offenses, the loss of people… it was overwhelming. Not that I didn’t know he was running from the authorities. But everything was written on paper. It was a revelation. I have always been attached to Christianity. I took preaching classes in prison and read the Bible. It gave me strength and wisdom. My feelings towards him have changed.

The things we do with love.

Currently, Monica Bedi is focused on her career and Abu Salem in life imprisonment in Mumbai.

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