Burger King canceled for comments on Taylor Swift

Burger King’s social media is in controversy due to a comment about Taylor Swift.

Burger King is one of the most famous food companies in the world, its hamburgers are known for their taste and price, but now, the American food chain is in controversy due to the response of a post on the Internet.

On Twitter, a fan of Taylor Swift asked her followers: “I need to know, what is your favorite Taylor Swift song?”, The official Burger King account replied: “one that talks about his ex.”

Twitter users quickly reacted to the company’s words and used the hashtag #burgerkingisoverparty, which became a trend by sharing their opinion on the restaurant’s comment.

In the comments there were comparisons of Burger King to other chains selling burgers, misogyny allegations, memes, and people swearing they would never eat at Burger King again.

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