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Neat Corporation’s game finally comes to PSVR after its successful stint on PC VR platforms. Virtual reality has not been the great Boom! in the History of videogames that was expected at first.

The reasons are many and very diverse: its usability, the problems of some users that lead to bad publicity, a high percentage of games that do not measure up … Budget Cuts dodges some of these setbacks with grace and ease. For regular VR users it is an appreciable gadget of fun, and for newcomers it can be a safe place to start in this fantastic parallel world. After a successful two-year journey on PC and with a second installment for compatible in 2019, the Neat Corporation game finally reaches the console thanks to Playstation VR on PS4.

Rushing to the Mainstream Market of VR Technology

Virtual reality, so revolutionary, was ahead of its time. It is true that it has been the desire of many for decades. Books, movies and video games have made us fantasize about a future full of parallel dimensions. The development of VR technology progressed hand in hand in several companies, and sooner or later those dreams that many of us had would come true. Perhaps one of the big problems with VR is that it was released early. The ordeal of Facebook’s purchase of Oculus sped up the entire process. Suddenly, research and development was focused on the urgency of being the first to hit the market.

The impression that many of us had when the main pieces were on the board, this is Oculus, Vive and PSVR, is that the technology lacked a boil. For those of us who had been looking forward to the moment it was not a problem, but it was for the large potential audience. Screens with resolutions and refreshment below the necessary threshold so as not to cause dizziness problems in the most sensitive user, often anodyne software that focused on showing the experience instead of betting on complete and complex content, cumbersome equipment by volume, number of elements and wiring … The rush resulted in wasting a good letter in the commercial launch of the long-awaited product.

The initial impact has faded, but still many people do not know that some of the initial obstacles as well. There is still a long way to go, but it must be taken into account that the goal was not to reach the market, as the companies themselves seemed to see it. It was not about the 100 meter sprint but one more stage in a race that was actually a long distance race. Today prices are much tighter, some equipment has been simplified in usability by reducing volume, parts and wiring; the screens have much more definition and the refresh rate increasingly touches the appropriate figures. The software, for its part, is supplied by titans such as Skyrim or Fallout 4 who earn integers with their helmets on, and already has its own masterpieces, such as Half-Life: Alyx. (that treasures one of the very counted ten that have been given in this house). In between there are a lot of filler titles but also small, medium and large works that ooze quality. Budget Cuts fits into one of these sections, let’s see which one.

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