BTS’s Jimin was the inspiration for a Korean illustrator

Jimin once again inspired Korean illustrator Lee.K in his latest masterpiece shared via his official Instagram.

Lee.K posted his latest work with BTS singer Jimin and captioned it as “Graphite on Paper 2020.”

On August 1, Lee.K posted a teaser video for this masterpiece showing his progress in its creation and titled it “Muse Language – Denial of Language.” It’s about Jimin’s face.

This is not the first time Lee.K has drawn Jimin. Since the artist has created more than twenty works of art with the BTS singer.

Lee.K was able to sell an illustration of Jimin in his exhibition at the Fold Gallery in London, UK, on August 30, 2019.

Lee.K has been asked if BTS’s Jimin is the guy who paints often, and Lee.K replied in the affirmative saying that “He (Jimin) is definitely my Perfect Shape muse.”

Jimin the perfect “muse”

A muse plays a very important role for an excellent artist. He becomes the subject of the creative process and works of art. Without it, we would miss such beloved works of art from great artists. With Jimin’s ethereal images, he deserves to be an artist’s muse.

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