BTS’s Jimin revealing a secret about his body

BTS’s Jimin surprised ARMY by confessing a big and tender secret of his body.

Bangtan Bomb, one of BTS’s YouTube channels, has shared a new video showing some behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of an MV that successful idols starred in in the past. In this clip Jimin reveals a secret about his body that surprised the entire ARMY.

The new episode is titled ‘Cute and Adorable’ and shows us some images of the BTS boys taking a short break from the recordings of the MV of ‘Boy With Luv’, time that Park Ji-min took the opportunity to talk with his classmates and reveal some curiosities before the camera.

One of them was that Jungkook hates being touched by his neck because he cannot bear feeling cold in that part of his body and that he does not even put his hands there, before these statements Jimin declared that his hands are warm and invited his partner to check it .

Jimin confesses a secret about his little finger

The conversation of the BTS boys changed direction when Jimin confessed that when he was a student he came to think that the size of his little finger was not normal, so he always tried to stretch it at all times since he thought that was the only way to make it grow.

Thanks to the fact that he later developed a lot of self-esteem, the charismatic 24-year-old idol managed to accept that the size of his little finger was perfect and to show that he no longer has a problem with that part of his body he dedicated a small I love you, detail that was recorded by the camera and that managed to steal all ARMY’s sigh.

Jimin and the boys of BTS have managed to conquer the whole world with their music and in less than a decade they are considered one of the greatest exponents of K-Pop. They are currently awaiting the release of their new single, which will be titled ‘Dynamite’.


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