BTS’s Jimin is cooler than ever

Jimin is pure talent, with a great voice and a spectacular dance form has left us enchanted, so here we leave you the best TOP of videos.

In Somagnews we are fans of BTS, that is why we bring you relevant, interesting and curious information about each of the members of this K-Pop group that has conquered the whole world.

BTS’s Jimin has too many talents to count and when he combines his piercing gaze with a sultry dance move the moment makes him iconic and is that he has a quirky move that involves moving his jacket to reveal his shoulder, making fans swoon a lot more .

And it is that combined with her perfect outfit, she is not a fashion icon for nothing, she can cause her fans to be enchanted, so we leave you 13 videos of Jimin, leader of BTS exposing her shoulder

Jimin and his bare shoulder

It all started when BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” music video was released and they realized that when the BTS leader made his now emblematic move during the chorus the fans got excited, watch it at 3:05.

From this moment V said that Jimin “took off his clothes!”, In all joking, but he was not the only one RM added that Jimin must have practiced a long time to make the perfect move. However, Jimin said that it was not planned as they thought and that it was actually an “accident”.

Now in the following video and exactly at minute 2:11 again the dancer does his movement again, draw your conclusions.

Faced with so many repetitions, both BTS and ARMY have made fun of Jimin every time he “accidentally” pulled his jacket down again, revealing his arms underneath, because to them, it was clear that it was done on purpose. Look here at 3:15.

Now, Jimin does his little dance so much, it’s practically a destination. Even though fans have watched it over a dozen times, they still can’t (and will never) get enough of it so one more example is at 3:41.

What do you think of these moments, what do you think, does Jimin leave his shoulder bare on purpose or does the dance provoke it? Whatever the truth, fans are happy to see his shoulder bare.

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