BTS’s Jimin finishes HURT with J-Hope’s words.

J-Hope said a word that hurt Jimin. What happened between the BTS singers? Here we tell you.

BTS singer Park Jimin shows his feelings for “what is”, which was also done by J-Hope. When J-Hope flirts with Jimin, who gets grumpy at one point, it’s too funny, he makes his fans laugh.

Jimin, who is fascinated by the tenderness and gentleness that makes everyone around him smile just by being there, as well as the kindness he always seeks.

Jimin is always impressed by his cute smile, but he seems to have had something “wrong” that he was sick of hearing the moment he heard it.

Jimin’s appearance was seen on BTS’s official YouTube channel launched on April 30 when the members visited the “Connect BTS” exhibition in New York. While each member enjoys the art freely, Jimin is absorbed in shooting and pretending to shoot each other with J-Hope.

Jimin seemed to be very happy, but during such a quiet moment, a certain “word” from J-Hope hurt Jimin in an instant.

What did J-Hope say to Jimin?

“Oh, it looks like an MV scene, right? Okay, JK!” Said the singer.

J-Hope called Jimin, who was walking next to him, “JK” (Jungkook’s nickname), and he made a mistake calling Jimin Jungkook. At that moment, Jimin immediately turned around and showed a long laugh and impatiently distanced himself from him.

Immediately after his name got confused, Jimin showed a furtive glance with a change in facial expression that anyone could see. Unexpectedly, it seems that the “always nasty thing” about Jimin was revealed.

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