BTS’s comeback connection to Smeraldo’s notes …

Messages from the Smeraldo Books account may be connected to BTS’s next comeback. Each musical return of BTS is marked by new tracks that complement the universe of the band, the boys of Big Hit Entertainment have created a very strong bond with their fans due to the theories that surround them.

Yesterday, from the Smeraldo Books account on Twitter, he published a very mysterious message, related to RM, the BTS leader wrote about a bus stop, Taehyung and some graffiti drawn on the wall.

Today, the same profile of Smeraldo Books made another post, but now speaking of J-Hope, in the text you can read:

Those events suspiciously could be a connection between these new notes from Smeraldo Books on Twitter, recent posts by the Smeraldo Florist, and the possible comeback of the K-pop band.

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