BTS: V, his appearance in Dynamite teaser photos

BTS uploaded the first teaser photo to promote Dynamite’s release, and Taehyung took the ARMY’s sighs after sporting a spectacular look.

BTS uploaded the first teaser photo for the promotion of the song Dynamite that will be released on August 21, 2020. Surprisingly, ARMY’s big question some time ago when BTS was being interviewed was answered through this spectacular teaser photo.

Several members of the popular group were seen showing up with new hairstyles and colors. However, for the ARMY, one of the boys stood out from all during the Dynamite teaser, it is the charismatic Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage name V, as he appeared with long wavy hair.

But first let’s talk a little about the other guys, RM, appeared with blue hair, Jin and Jimin, with an orange brown color, but among all the members of BTS, who are often called handsome in the world by various means, highlighted the always calm V or Kim Taehyung.

Photo V is the most different from the others. Standing, V is shown sideways with his new hair that looks longer. Other than that, V also made his hairstyle a bit blonde and wavy with a color that radiates a bit of golden brown. Without a doubt a look that is spectacular.

BTS to premiere Dynamite on August 21

Whether the color is a light effect or Taehyung’s original new hair, which is bound to welcome her new song Dynamite. There is no doubt that BTS’s V looks perfect even from the side of the photo. We will be able to solve all these doubts on August 21 when Dynamite is released.

While the teaser photos didn’t reveal much about what we’ll see at the Big Hit Entertainment group’s comeback, they did give us a lot of hints about what the handsome idols will be wearing next.

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