BTS: V and Park Seo Joon big friendship

BTS’s V is very talented in acting and in his involvement with Park Seo Joon the friendship between the two was born.

Park Seo Joon and BTS’s Taehyung have become great friends, even ARMY can see their relationship up close on social media. Some of their moments together have stolen the hearts of their fans and it all started with the recording of the K-Drama “Hwarang: The Beginning”.

BTS and Park Seo Joon’s V

The friendship between the two South Koreans is so great that even after the 2017 K-Drama, they kept in touch supporting each other in their projects. In V’s case it was the comeback with BTS and Park Seo Joon filled his social networks with Taehyung’s teasers; specifically from his scene in the “ON” music video. Isn’t it adorable?

ARMY knows that V has a very charismatic personality, while the “She Was Pretty” actor is more shy, but even though they are different, they always find time to live together and support each other.

Another example of their friendship is the song “Sweet Night” that the BTS member composed for the Netflix series “Itaewon Class” where Park Seo Joon was the protagonist. Since V even visited the filming set to cheer up the actor and he surprised ARMY with several photos of them together on Instagram.

V’s “Sweet Night” for Itaewon Class

They are not the only ones with a great friendship, since their pets meet from time to time to look most adorable in front of the camera. Yeontan is Taehyung’s dog, while Simba is the actor’s pet. Even “Hwarang: The Beginning” star Park Hyung Sik admitted that they enjoy visiting the K-Pop singer at home and sleeping in the same bed. Omg!

Finally, we share that V and Park Seo Joon’s relationship continues to be one of the most united in front of ARMY. A clear example was at the annual MMA 2019 awards, where the two met on stage. The actor watched as Taehyung addressed him with great joy and some fun dance moves; which made Seo Joon laugh a lot.

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