BTS: This is Jimin speaking Spanish

Jimin seeks to conquer his fans around the world, and that is why it is essential for this BTS member to know some words in Spanish.

BTS has a great popularity internationally, although most of them only speak Korean, they have tried to learn some basic words in other languages, in order to delight the Army of the whole world, speaking a little of their languages .

In this sense, although he does not speak the entire Spanish language, Jimin has surprised on some occasions with words in that language, especially in the concerts that the bangtang boys have given in Chile.

That is why we bring to mind this video from 2017, in which we can hear the idol saying words like “I want to come back soon”, “Thank you very much”, “I love you”, very simple phrases, but surely this handsome Korean will They were hard to learn.

Watch Jimin’s video

This celebrity has become the bias of much of ARMY, because at his young age, his charisma, talent and simplicity drives all boyband fans crazy, and is also usually a very flirtatious person.

“I died with each one of them, JIMIN I LOVE YOU TOO”, “They are so cute! although sometimes I didn’t understand some things very well ”, were some comments from the fans.

In fact, in other Youtube videos you can find Jimin content smiling very sexy, sticking out his tongue and making some signs showing that flirting is an easy task for him.

The boys of BTS have dominated the entire world, and although they do not speak many languages, it is their music that makes it not necessary to understand it directly, but the emotions, and their way of expressing them is what makes them have a great fandom around of the world.

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In fact, of the members of this band, the only one who is fluent in the English language is RM, who usually gives interviews internationally. Do you think it is essential that the entire band learn to speak English?

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