BTS: Suga wrote a heartbreaking letter to his ex-girlfriend

BTS rapper Suga recounts his worst moment with his ex-girlfriend in an emotional letter.

BTS’s Suga once wrote a heartbreaking letter to an ex-girlfriend after their breakup. The letter details his thoughts on their relationship and the reason they broke up in the first place.

When Agust D was a teenager, he began dating a classmate. However, the relationship fell through and Suga later sent a letter about the experience to a radio station.

BTS’s Suga sent a letter to his ex-girlfriend on a radio station

“Hello, I am Min Yoongi who lives in Daegu,” Suga’s letter began, as reported by Koreaboo. “I am ashamed to be writing a letter to a radio that I have always listened to. Our Korean teacher asked us to write a letter that could be sent to a radio. I was thinking about what to write, and decided to write about my past love while reading Hwang Dong Kyu’s ‘Enjoy Letter’. ”

He went on to share that when he was in his sophomore year of high school, he confessed his feelings to a classmate that he liked. They ended up dating, but things went downhill shortly after.

“Because he was so shy, I couldn’t act naturally with his now that he was my girlfriend,” Suga said. “I didn’t pay attention to it and compared to what our relationship was like when we were just friends, there was a clear difference. Our relationship became more awkward than anything. ”

It wasn’t long before the girl broke up with Suga. He admitted that after their breakup, he reflected on the relationship and understood how his behavior contributed to the breakup.

“I would think about everything I did wrong and how I could get better. I also think about those days and I wish I had behaved differently, “Suga explained.” If I could go back, I would treat his better and I know I could do more for his. I would tell his that I loved his and liked his with pride. ”

He ended the letter with a message for his ex-girlfriend, writing: “I’m very sorry to treat you that way. You must have felt so hurt when I behaved like this. Personally, I remember it and I see it as a good memory now. Thanks for making that memory with me. ”

Although the BTS members do not publicize their relationships as celebrities, some of them have been open about having girlfriends before in the past.

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