BTS: Suga against what society considers “masculine”

The idol Suga, the successful group BTS revealed why they don’t like the culture where masculinity is defined by certain emotions and characteristics.

BTS recently indulged in a very candid chat with the Esquire outlet when Suga, who plays a huge role in the septet’s music production, confessed that lyrics about youth mental health were almost absent in Korean pop music.

Therefore, one of the main reasons Min Yoongi started making music is because he grew up listening to lyrics that spoke of “dreams, hopes, and social problems.”

Also, it came naturally for him to make music, especially on BTS’s first single, No More Dream, which sheds light on the immense pressure that South Korean schoolchildren are putting to adapt and succeed.

“There is this culture where masculinity is defined by certain emotions, characteristics. I don’t like these expressions. What does it mean to be masculine? People’s conditions vary from day to day,” the 27-year-old rapper questioned during the Esquire interview.

Suga explains: “How sometimes you are in good condition and sometimes not. It is on this basis that you get an idea of your physical health and the same ‘also applies mentally’ ”.

Suga points out the importance of mental health

Yoongi reasoned that some days you are in a good state, and other times you are not, and while many pretend to be fine, saying that they are not weak, it is as if they are saying that this is what makes you a weak person. Rapper Daechwita strongly believes that this mindset is wrong.

“People will not say that you are a weak person if your physical condition is not that good. It should be the same for mental condition as well. Society should be more understanding,” Suga says.

BTS is one of the K-pop groups that has focused their songs on talking about self-love, friendship, and other important issues for youth, as in their most recent album “BE”. Do you agree with what Suga says? At La Verdad Noticias we want to know your opinion.

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