BTS: RM shares some shocking advice for a girl!

BTS leader RM shared a touching message to a fan, who has received criticism for following idols.

Since the group BTS became one of the favorite K-Pop bands of the moment, some girls and boys have had to deal with comments about the admiration they feel for their idols, as the leader RM did not hesitate to give advice on that one. situation faced by fans.

The members of the boy band are very attentive to ARMY and the times they have the opportunity to live with them they share their best advice, because at their young age they have had a successful career in the music industry, but despite the fame , they are lovely boys.

And it is that for Namjoon it is very important to listen to some anecdotes that some of his admirers have lived, but one of the girls told him that she has had certain disagreements with her boyfriend for being a great admirer of them, so the rapper gave him a excellent advice.

RM shares his best tips

In a fan meeting, a girl told the BTS members that a very special person for her who is her boyfriend, does not understand the way she feels about the famous South Korean band, at that moment RM commented something about it.

“Don’t be with someone who doesn’t accept your likes.” The rapper commented.

The leader of the boy band mentioned to the young woman that if one person really loves the other, they will have to accept them as they are, since they must respect their tastes, but if that person does not, it is better not to be with them.

The members of the K-Pop group are undoubtedly adorable and understanding boys, as they have the right advice to share with ARMY, who have followed the careers of their favorite idols very closely. Did the advice that the rapper mentioned to the girl seem correct to you?

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