BTS reveals secrets of each member’s personality

The boys know each other so well that they know who excels at some things. BTS reveals secrets of the personality of each member and choose the “more …” in different categories.

The group continues with the promotions of “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, so they conducted an interview for the Japanese program Buzz Rhythmhythm, where they presented “Stay Gold” and answered some questions about their way of being, we tell you the details.

During the interview , the boys answered a series of questions about their role in the group , they have shared 7 years as a group, in addition to the time they were trainees before their debut, so over time their friendship has been strengthened and they know each other very well, so they know who is most remarkable in various areas.

When releasing a new Japanese album, the boys pointed out that those who know the most about the country are Jungkook and Jimin, although they also highlighted RM’s forgetful mind . LOL About the time they spend studying, Suga was chosen. The interview continued and although they live almost daily, sometimes they do not respond to messages,Kookie and Namjoon are the ones that take time, even the first one takes a month to give an answer.

In the sentimental aspect, Taehyung is considered the most romantic due to his OST Sweet Night and the word he invented: “Borahae”, Jungkook also shares the sensitivity of the idol, since he was chosen for being the person who most easily cries.

In the aspect of beauty, J-Hope is the one who gives skin care the most time , they even confessed that he wears masks during BTS tours. The culinary skill is something that belongs to Jin, because cooking some dishes that usually eat like stew of beans, rice cake or kimchi.

Finally, Jimin’s adorability made him the nicknamed “big baby” due to his personality, even the boys followed suit. Without a doubt, the group demonstrated very well among themselves and are very observant with each of the aspects that characterize them.

ARMY shared various messages on social networks about the secrets they revealed, among others.

V also confessed to having compromising photos of BTS , but he cannot reveal them, since he explained that most of the images are of the boys without any article of clothing, so that secret will be kept on his cell phone without fans knowing him.

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