BTS renews their membership and you need to know!

BTS has surprised the entire ARMY with the renewal of their memberships, where now the fandom has multiple options and this is what you should know!

BTS has positioned itself as one of the most successful and popular K-Pop groups in the world, which has also distinguished itself by having one of the largest fandom, since the followers of this South Korean boy band can be found even in places most hidden on the face of the earth.

And now the guys from BTS have surprised the entire ARMY with the renewal of their memberships, which will offer various benefits for those who decide to acquire it. And the best thing is that there will be different options that will surely fit your pocket.

On this occasion, the fandom will be able to choose between two different alternatives: the ARMY Membership or the ARMY Membership: Merch Pack, which consist of different benefits that we explain below.

BTS renews its membership for the ARMY

As a first option there is the ARMY Membership, which has a cost of $ 22 dollars, that is approximately $ 480 Mexican pesos, and includes benefits such as access to content and exclusive merchandise in advance, access to ticket presales, as well as the opportunity to participate in different draws.

And on the other hand, there is the ARMY Membership: Merch Pack with a cost of $ 150 dollars, approximately $ 3,300 Mexican pesos, which not only includes the same benefits as the cheapest, but also the creditors of this membership will receive 4 boxes of merchandise exclusive throughout the year.

Options for everyone!

It is worth mentioning that the content of these boxes will be revealed a few days before their delivery, so it promises to generate great surprises among the fandom, for example the first box we already know includes a blanket and a fabric poster.

As if this were not enough, BTS has also put on sale a membership kit, which is purchased separately ($ 280 pesos) and includes a set of photocards, a divider, a folder, ARMY zip, a book lamp and a special membership card.

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