BTS: Newly released album ‘BE’ is a ‘letter of hope’

Starting this Friday, all BTS fans will be able to listen to the new MV for Life Goes On, the main theme of the group’s ‘BE’ album.

A ‘Letter of Hope’, that’s how BTS’s new album was described, which was released this Friday with the single Life Goes On as the main theme, so the band held a socially distanced press conference in Seoul to present ” BE “, their second album this year. It includes their English-language hit “Dynamite,” which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time for a South Korean group.

Dozens of journalists had to go through two temperature checks, a health check and a disinfectant spray before entering the scene amid a surge in coronavirus cases in the country.

The band, made up of J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jin and Jimin, said they wanted to send “a letter of hope” that life continues despite uncertainties during the pandemic.

BTS members talk about the album ‘BE’

RM said the band had opened up the album creation process for the first time by sharing their thoughts and working on social media. “We wanted the fans to feel that we made this album together during the pandemic.”

Jin said that he hopes people can relate to the album’s emptiness and anxiety emotions and find comfort in the shared feelings.

Suga, for her part, was absent from the press conference due to a shoulder injury.

When asked about the upcoming Grammy Award nominations on November 25, J-Hope said, “I dare to hope that we can be nominated and receive an award in a category related to the group.” She added that she would “cry” if the band receives an award.

BTS is known for their active engagement with fans, known as ARMY, through social media.

MR reflection

Despite the commercial success of the band, RM reflected on the identity of the band and K-pop.

She wondered if topping the Billboard Hot 100 with “Dynamite” meant “K-pop has landed safely in the realm of the mainstream American pop industry.”

“To what extent (the songs) can be considered K-pop?” I ask. “When a Korean band like us sings a song in English, can it still be considered K-pop?”

He did not have a clear answer, but said he hopes the band’s achievements can “open doors for those outside the mainstream” of the American music industry.

BTS boys’ military service

One topic that was covered was their upcoming military service from which there has been a heated debate as to whether South Korea’s two-year mandatory military service should be exempt for most healthy men, given the contribution of singers to the country. “We are eager to please every time the country call us,” Jin said.

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