BTS members demonstrate their love for Naruto

BTS members are anime fans and Naruto is one of their favorites. The members of BTS are fans of Japanese anime and one of his favorite series is Naruto , so he does not hesitate to show his love for this character.

BTS fans have a great interest in knowing those things that make members of their favorite idol group happy, thatโ€™s why in interviews and fansigns, many take the opportunity to ask them about their interests .

The boys from BTS have repeatedly made it known that they are big fans of Japanese animation , so V claims that they have seen everyone he considers to be the most popular.

This hobby has also helped them learn some phrases in Japanese that they put into practice during their concerts. Jungkook has mentioned that Naruto is one of his favorite anime and we have even seen him run as this character on different occasions.

But the maknae is just one of the loyal fans of the Naruto anime , because at a Halloween party, Yoongi dressed up as this character, so he was able to perform the choreographies of BTS and his raps using this fun outfit.

Also, Jin and J-Hope have practiced some jutsus in front of the cameras, imitating the characters from the popular anime.

If you want to see some of these guysโ€™ favorite anime besides Naruto, Jungkook recommends watching Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae or Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. V would tell you to watch Haikyuu and Nodame Cantabile, while Jin prefers Princess Mononoke.

Below you can see the moment when the BTS boys get their costumes for the Halloween party and Suga discovers that he can be poured as Naruto :

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