BTS launches the official filter of “Dynamite” on Instagram

BTS surprises with a new filter for Instagram; “Dynamite” already loves ARMY on social networks

BTS has surprised ARMY with the launch of the colorful “Dynamite” filter on Instagram, which millions of boyband fans have started using.

The Bangtan Boys are preparing the final details for the release of their first English single “Dynamite”, a song that is part of the new record material for the K-pop band, and in honor of the premiere came the new filter on Instagram.

One of the first ‘Dynamite’ performances will be at the MTV VMAs 2020 Awards, where Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, J-Hope and V will be special guests and are nominated in 3 categories.

BTS falls in love with filter on Instagram

Social media is a very important part of BTS’s career as thousands of fans from all over the world communicate with them through different apps, proving that distance and language don’t matter.

As part of their comeback promotions and in order for ARMY to show their love for BTS, the boys of the band led by Namjoon revealed the official Instagram filter for the song “Dynamite.”

The “Dynamite” filter on Instagram is the logo that rappers and singers shared on Twitter, the lyrics are in various colors such as: pink, green, blue and yellow, magic happens when the word ‘Dynamite’ turns into fireworks .

Big Hit Entertainment idols have already used the “Dynamite” filter, the 7 music stars showed their best poses and reactions to encourage ARMY to use this original design on their photos, how about the new Instagram filter? .

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