BTS: Jin shines like a diamond in new “BE” concept photo

BTS’s Jin’s new photoshoot has blown away the BTS ARMY.

In recent days, the BTS members have been releasing solo concept photos as part of the upcoming premiere of their new album BE.

The release began with V, followed by Jimin, RM, and Jungkook. A few hours ago, we were blown away by the concept photos of Jin and Suga, and we haven’t stopped thinking about it.

The luxurious setup has Seokjin sitting on a purple sofa with diamonds scattered across the table. While the singer of “Moon” reminded ARMY that they are “a unique and precious jewel”.

Jin dazzles in new photos

While the singer’s room and his reassuring words were all that ARMY spoke in the last few hours, we couldn’t help but see the biggest diamond in the room: Seokjin himself.

The international singer donned a dazzling ensemble that made him shine like a diamond. Via Twitter, Bangtan Style (@ Bangtan_Style07), the Worldwide Handsome singer was residing in his room in a Maison Margiela satin coat. This beautiful coat costs around $ 885 (approximately 18,232.50 Mexican pesos).

He donned a pair of purple silk pants and a white T-shirt to complete the casual look. She was wearing Louis Vuitton waterfront mule sandals that cost around $ 720 (approximately 14,843.80 Mexican pesos).

Speaking about her outfit, Jin said, “I chose silk pants that go perfectly with all the glitter, a nightgown and slippers to be absolutely comfortable in a room full of precious stones. Don’t I look completely at home?”

The new concept photos of the k-pop group have left fans around the world too excited.

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