BTS: Jin may delay Military Service

Famous BTS singer Jin has excited the ARMY as he could postpone his military service following the recent revision of the Military Service Law.

Jin BTS may postpone their military service after the South Korean government reviewed the military service law and it is that the South Korean government is currently working on the review of the Military Service Law, including regulations on deferral of military service for those who contribute in the arts and culture sector.

It should be noted that military service is an obligation for all South Koreans as a form of national defense. Even artists cannot break away from this obligation, and the increasing age restriction makes it impossible for a man’s military service in South Korea to be further delayed.

ARMY’s Concerns About Military Service

Another situation that worries the ARMY is that the long enough period of military service, which is almost two years, certainly makes fans so anxious when their idols undergo military service and the reason is that this means that the Idols won’t greet fans for a long time.

This wish is not without reason, because Jungkook cs has a great contribution to the government of South Korea with a myriad of achievements in the international arena. However, this does not appear to be approved by the government or the BTS members themselves, in a previous interview, BTS claimed to want to fulfill this obligation as ordinary citizens.

The encouraging news is that in recent days it has been confirmed that the South Korean government and the ruling party recently concluded consultations on the issue and plan to propose a revision of the military service law in the form of a law by lawmakers this week. Although this rule cannot exempt BTS from the military, they can at least postpone it if it passes.

The proposed new rules of the Military Service Law

New provisions for individuals who have worked in the arts and culture for more than three years, made an outstanding contribution to enhancing national status, and have been recognized by the government for their services, may extend their registration.

It should be noted that the government and the ruling party insist that the new rules only allow for delays, not exceptions. If the new rules apply, pop culture artists who pass the screening will be able to delay their enrollment until age 30. Meanwhile, with the old rules that haven’t been revised, Jin should have immediately enlisted in the army. The reason is that the oldest member of BTS will be 28 in December.

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