BTS: J-Hope, the ‘bad boy’ look in the Dynamite teaser

BTS uploaded a photo preview to promote their upcoming single ‘Dynamite’ and according to ARMY J-Hope took the night away with his spectacular ‘bad boy’ look.

The seven members of BTS ranging from RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, to Jungkook managed to make the ARMY, as their fans are known, not stop praising the images of the seven South Korean men. The release of Big Hit Entertainment’s first teaser photo seemed well received by fans.

The reason is that, after the agency released all seven photos of BTS members, the hashtag (hashtag) # 1stDynamiteTeaser topped the trending topic of Twitter globally. This hashtag has been tweeted more than 1 million times, a real madness.

Not only the hashtag # 1stDyamiteTeaser, the keywords for each BTS member’s names also topped the trending topic, but the keywords containing the name J-Hope appear to be quite popular tonight on social media.

The keywords ‘hobby’, ‘jhope’ and ‘hoseok’ have been tweeted thousands of times by the ARMY, something that has become very common as he seems to be one of the most beloved boys of the group. This is not strange because in the first teaser photo, J-Hope’s charm is very prominent.

J-Hope made the ARMY fall in love with his look

Starting with her black hair that reminds fans of the figure of J-Hope when she first debuted with BTS, her black t-shirt, her glasses and her earrings, but what most caught the attention of the ARMY was her incredible pose of ‘boy bad ‘. A facet that goes very well with J-Hope.

Hobi also decided to comb her hair sideways, leaving her forehead uncovered, a trait that K-pop fans adore in idols, as her bangs often cover this part of her face. J-Hope’s features stand out and if you weren’t in love enough, the idol tried to look intimidating, but a slight pout peeks out on her lips.

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