BTS is the new movie of Taehyung’s baby elephant

BTS will release their next movie + photos of the baby elephant adopted by a group of Taehyung fans.

Big Hit has revealed that BTS is making their fourth movie Break the Silence: The Movie in theaters next month, with limited screenings starting September 10.

The pre-sale will begin on August 13, although it may vary by location. Check out the poster below:

On the other hand, images of Roho, the baby elephant that Taehyung’s African fanbase have rescued in Africa, have been revealed. The baby elephant, (whose name means “spirit” in Swahili), had lost her mother due to illegal hunting by poachers. Fortunately, it looks like you are adjusting well to your new home. Look at the photos:

Take a look at the fan comments below:

Wait a second but where? None of the cinemas is open in my state 🙁 I hope they can release it on DVD so we can buy it

Bring The Soul is sooo deep. I remembered that at the end of the movie RM said something like this when JK had a serious injury.

‘… If the doctor said he could perform, I think he will do his best without feeling the pain in his ankle. I’m more worried that this will hurt him psychologically as he feels guilty that he can’t act and do what’s best for our fans … ‘

I am crying and amazed at how deep this man is. I see it with my husband who is not in the military. On the way home from the cinema, he even said, ‘I think RM plays a big role in BTS’s success. It’s so rare to have that kind of artist in the music industry today. ‘

I can’t wait to see Break The Silence and learn something new and meaningful from the movie 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Some people will always focus on the bad / toxic and generalize to the good 🙁 They focus on the negative rather than the positive

Sadly this happens a lot … I live in Kenya where Roho has been adopted and I have personally visited the David Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Orphanage … and there are many other baby elephants there who came without family … some couldn’t even walk properly when they arrived … I AM SO PROUD OF THE ARMY AND SO HAPPY TO BE AN ARMY 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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