BTS is ready for a comeback and will release a song

BTS is ready for their comeback and they will release the first single in August. For months, the boys have been busy preparing what will be their next album, due to the pandemic they had to cancel their 2020 tour and have focused on their music, in addition to enjoying the free time they have and to interact with ARMY, but your return is ready.

Through the VLive platform, BTS made a live broadcast to share the latest details of their future projects, as well as the latest anecdotes from their daily lives. The group have a couple of weeks of releasing “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, their Japanese album with which they broke a great record in Oricon.

But to the surprise and excitement of ARMY, the members of the boyband finally confirmed their next release: it will be this August 21 and it will be a song to encourage their fans in these difficult times that they have lived through.

BTS explained that the premiere will take place next month, it is not known if there will be an MV, but it will be released on all music platforms. The song will be in English, because J-Hope clarified that it was adapted to Jimin’s voice and that is why they recorded it in that language.

This new BTS single will be perfect for the summer and similar to “Mic Drop”, it is still not sure that it is part of the tracklist of the album, but they are excited for ARMY to listen to it, because they were satisfied with their work.

The news was a gift for their fans, as they believe that before the Covid-19 the situation could have made them feel sad as they did and they want to cheer them on. Are you ready? BTS is coming!

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