BTS: fan trending #ArmyConfessionTime and reveals some crazy stories behind Suga, Jungkook and V

BTS’s #ArmyConfessionTime is mad as hell (Photo credit: Instagram / bts.bighitofficial)

Korean boy band BTS, aka Bangtan Boys, has a huge fan around the world. Called ARMY, these guys are responsible for trending the group time and time again on social media. And they did it once again via #ArmyConfessionTime.

Using this hashtag, BTS fans brought up some assumptions about the band and things that even we are guilty of doing. So scroll down and take a look at some of the craziest yet most relatable confessions made by THE ARMY.

One user wrote, “When I first saw taehyung on social media, I really thought he was a Korean model and not part of a famous boy group. then later i found out 방탄 선 년단 ♡ #ArmyConfessionTime ”Another BTS fan commented:“ When I was an ARMY baby… I used to believe they call us ARMY as protectors or soldiers later I learned that ARMY stands for “Adorable MC Rep for Young People” #ArmyConfessionTime “

Another member of the BTS army wrote, “I thought yoongi agust d and Suga were triplets #ArmyConfessionTime” A second member of BTS wrote: “At the time I thought Jin and Jungkook were brothers and sisters, now they’re my bias #ArmyConfessionTime ”A third boy group Twitter fan wrote:“ Thought finger heart was a sign for the military (Eyes & Woman facepalming emoji) #ArmyConfessionTime ”

One user wrote: “When I started watching content I started with American interviews. And I was yeah Suga, V and RM! I have this. Then the comments mentioned Tae, Yoongi or Namjoon and I was like 😑 who are they ?! #ArmyConfessionTime “Another wrote:” Their stage name ‘#AgustD, #Suga, #Yoongi are 3 different people and Suga is a member of BTS while Yoongi maybe the producer of BTS and AgustD maybe the friend. underground de Suga ‘That’s what I thought but months later I found out that AgustD is YG & SG #ArmyConfessionTime @BTS_twt »

Another wrote: “#ArmyConfessionTime i thought these bts messaging apps were real and bragged to my classmates, teachers, parents and friends for chatting with bts and they were so excited and pushed half of my classmates downloaded the app on Twitter and wrote, “When I first heard War of Hormone, I thought V’s voice was magical in the studio. I couldn’t believe such a young teenager had this sort of vocal range #ArmyConfessionTime ”

What do you have to say about the statement made during #ArmyConfessionTime? Do you have any confessions to make on BTS? Let us know in the comments below.

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