BTS could sing on your birthday for this price WOW!

Group BTS could attend your birthday singing for the following dollar amount. Do you think someone can afford it?

Boy band BTS has grown in popularity in recent years. The references of K-pop, have conquered millions of fans around the globe and each time they reap more achievements. Their status as popular idols has placed them in strong demand with a packed schedule of events, awards, and guest appearances. In fact, her latest tour “Love Yourself” managed to gross more than 170 million dollars.

Although it seems little achievable, even some lucky ones can count on a private show of the band. But … how much would you have to pay for an event of such magnitude? First, it should be noted that scheduling a date would not be easy at all. However, if you are lucky and have some succulent savings, you may have the opportunity.

How much does it cost for BTS to sing on your birthday?

It is that the band is willing to perform privately starting from the base of 5 million dollars. Keep in mind that the cost not only includes the salary of the members of the band, but also that of their staff, sound equipment, editing, makeup artists, dancers, managers, food, clothing and transportation.

BTS cheap price

Still, there is a cheaper option valued at about $ 700,000. This is not a concert, but perhaps you could sing a verse a cappella, include a hug, a souvenir photo and even a gift. Although the figures continue to be stratospheric, there is still the option to save and fulfill your dream of traveling to South Korea to see them in concert, or in some other country.

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