BTS: Canta Dynamite con Jin “Sing with me”

Jin fell in love with the ARMY with his Sing with me of the song Dynamite. See how the video turned out for the BTS member.

Meeting the members of BTS is the dream of any ARMY since each of these young people have a spark that falls in love and captivates, and their music has reached the hearts of millions of human beings around the world.

One of the favorites is Jin, who despite rumors that he has not had a good time in recent months, this young man always shows before the cameras that he is crazy with love for his profession and transmits a lot of happiness to his fans.

Jin breaks it up with sing with me

That is why Jin’s Sing Dynamite with me was the sensation on his official YouTube channel, this video has quickly reached almost 4 million views in addition to gaining more than one million likes and 100 thousand comments.

Among the comments we can find words of love from the ARMY towards Jin, most agree that Jin always has a good vibe and is one of the most tender of the group and it is enough to see his face to know that he is a very simple.

Jin sing with me – BTS

“Jin deserves all the love in the world”, “Jin is the most beautiful”, “I love him”, “Jin is very cute and perfect, he deserves to be treated with all the love of the ARMY”, “Jin is handsome, unique and funny , the perfect boy, that we all want to have ”, are some of the comments on YouTube.

Jin has a whole army of followers and this is clear on all social networks where they show their love and defend him tooth and nail. Who is your favorite BTS?

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