BTS Boys Debut As Dubbing Actors (VIDEO)

BTS members’ voices portrayed popular characters from children’s movies.BTS members lent their voices to perform cartoon dubbing.

During the latest episode of RUN BTS, members of the idol group visited a very special site to learn basic questions about dubbing cartoon movies.

To achieve this, they needed the help of a professional to instruct them. Members recognized the voice of the man who entered the room because they had heard his work through various projects they were surrounded with since they were kids.

The dubbing instructor announced that the first movie they would practice with would be The Lion King, a tape that all members know, introduced the characters and assigned roles to be played for each member of the idol group.

Scar was portrayed by J-Hope, while Jimin, Namjoon, and Seokjin lent their voices to the hyenas. They advanced to the microphones and observed the tape with the dialogues to be replicated, after seeing it only once they prepared to record and observed the result.

The boys had fun watching the tape accompanied by their voices, so later, new roles were distributed to play in the dubbing of a new movie, this time it would be Toy Story.

V played Buzz Lightyear, Suga lent her voice to Woody and Jungkook to Rex, they set the scene and then traded places so that other members could interpret this scene.

The last movie they worked with was Zootopia, a tape that gave them a very funny moment and the recognition of the dubbing instructor.

During the past episode, the BTS members faced off in a round of video games, when V managed to beat Jungkook, all the members who had repeatedly lost had a unique reaction.

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