BT Sport condemns European Super League; Amazon, BBC and Sky remain silent – Deadline

BT Sport has become the first UK broadcaster to publicly condemn the European Super League amid widespread anger over plans to create a separatist football competition populated by big clubs from across the continent.

BT Sport is a major player in the UK sports arena, holding the live television rights to the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup, all of which could be undermined by the creation of the European Super League.

In a statement sent to Deadline, a spokesperson said: “BT recognizes the concerns raised by many prominent voices and supporters of football, and believes that the formation of a European Super League could have a detrimental effect on the long-term health of football in this country. .

World’s biggest football clubs confirm new Super League plan

“As a sports broadcaster broadcasting the Premier League, UEFA club football and National League football, and as a main partner of all Home Nations football teams, we firmly believe that football brings a significant positive contribution to the lives of people at all levels, and this needs to be protected. “

Deadline has also reached out to other UK football rights holders, Sky, the BBC and Amazon for comment. Amazon and the BBC declined to be drawn into the European Super League debate, while Sky said it was unlikely to comment.

Experts from all broadcasters have condemned the proposals, which will see Premier League sides Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham join 20 teams from across Europe in a competition of their own. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus are also involved.

Gary Neville, perhaps Sky’s most prominent football presenter, said he was “absolutely disgusted” with the plans. “I am not against the modernization of football competitions, we have the Premier League, the Champions League. But I think making proposals in the midst of Covid and the economic crisis for all clubs is an absolute scandal, ”he said. “United and the rest of the ‘Big Six’ who signed up against the rest of the Premier League should be ashamed of themselves.”

Gabby Logan, who features Amazon’s Premier League cover, simply tweeted, “European Super League ‘my ass’,” referring to a famous quote from belligerent comedy character Jim Royal in The Royle family.

BBC presenter Gary Lineker said it was a “power-play” to potentially secure Champions League reforms. “Football is nothing without its fans. We have seen this clearly over the past 12 months. If the fans oppose this anti-football pyramid scheme, it can be stopped in its tracks, ”he tweeted.

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