Browse Instagram in invisible mode

Hide your status on Instagram so that your followers do not know when you are online

Instagram is experiencing a fabulous week with the launch of Reels and its constant updates to keep users always happy, although there are some things that are missing, or that are present but we forget they are there, such as hiding the connection.

Although social networks emerged to keep in touch with family and friends, the massive exposure that people find themselves can often be counterproductive, hence the importance of maintaining privacy on platforms such as Instagram, where strangers abound.

How many times have you seen that your contacts appear as connected on Instagram and do not respond? The small green indicator that shows when an account is active on the social network can bring more problems than one would like and that is why we will show you how to hide your activity on Instagram to freely navigate in invisible mode.

Hide status on Instagram

An interesting privacy option available to everyone on Instagram is the activity status, which serves to indicate when people connect or not to the platform, it even adds additional information in the direct messages section with the exact time of the last connection. Other tricks will show you how to hide Instagram conversations or even view instagram stories anonymously.

The activity on Instagram can be hidden and among today’s news we show you how to deactivate it by following these simple steps:

In the Instagram settings, go to Privacy
Tap on Activity Status
Turn off Show activity status.

Avoid discussions and misunderstandings when navigating in hidden mode on Instagram, so no one will know when you last opened the application, but be careful, this does not modify the read notifications in direct messages, so if you prefer to read the DMs without the sender knowing you will have to apply a different trick.

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