Britney Spears trapped in her guardianship?

For some time now, Britney Spears fans have relaunched the #FreeBritney hashtag on social media. The reason ? They want to free the singer from her tutelage put in place since 2008, so that she regains full control of her life.

Faced with the outcry caused by this situation, the artist’s big brother decided to speak for the first time. Interviewed in the As Not Seen on TV podcast on July 23, 2020, Bryan Spears confessed: “Britney has always wanted to end her guardianship. It is something very frustrating. Even if a person wants to help you, the fact that they tells you what to do constantly, it must be frustrating. I know people think she is being held against her will but this guardianship has been a great thing for our family. We got together and there was disagreement, all the time. world had their opinion. But in the end, I think we made the right decision. ”

Bryan Spears continued by explaining the impact of this placement under guardianship on his family. But Britney Spears’ brother was also reassuring to fans of the singer: “This guardianship was a sacrifice for my father, he did the best he could given the situation he was in. Us hope for the best but we are concerned as Britney has been surrounded by people since she was 15, so at what point should one remove or reduce her entourage? She has never had to make reservations, drive or complete a simple task of everyday life on its own. So I think there will be an adjustment to be made. Anyway, she’s been a lot better since herself and her team made some changes. ” The judge in charge of the case will soon have to decide and decide whether Britney Spears, who made a surprise comeback with her song “Mood Ring”, will remain under guardianship or not.

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