Bringing Millions to Its Customers, He Has No Share

Have you heard the story of the most photographed man on Wall Street, one of the symbols of the New York stock market? While trading hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, he didn’t even have a single stock. This is the story of Peter Tuchman, the Einstein of Wall Street.

Broker Peter Tuchman, who has been nicknamed the Einstein of Wall Street with his hair that is photogenic and crazy enough to understand the situation of the market from his gestures, has been working in the New York boom for over 30 years. Tuchman, who looks like a cartoon with his gestures and different style, has become one of the symbols of Wall Street with his photographs that will accompany considerable news and articles for years.

Peter Tuchman describes himself on his Twitter account as “the most iconic broker of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street’s Einstein, the most photographed man on Wall Street, an art collector.” Well, perhaps recognized by most people only from photographs; Who is this man whose name is not even known?


A different man

Peter Tuchman was born in New York in 1957-58, although the exact date is unknown. Tuchman, who studied economics and agriculture at the University of Massachusetts, did not make a breakthrough in finance as expected. At that time, he returned to New York to do justice to the crazy hairstyle in the long ponytail, opened a record shop and became interested in music.

Like other stockbrokers, the thing he did the most in life was not shutting down Wall Street and making crazy money. Although he studied economics, he, unlike others, refused to wear a suit by cutting his hair and pursued his passions, he ran the record shop as well as a music producer. But life did not offer Tuchman the ways he wanted, as everyone else, he had made very different plans for him; Wall Street is like being the most photographed person.

First step to Wall Street

When Tuchman could not find a place in the music industry as he wanted, he started working for a Norway-based oil company in Africa. But now it was time to go home and get your life on track. In the summer of Peter Tuchman’s return to New York, a patient from his father, who was a doctor, who ran a brokerage firm on the New York Stock Exchange, said he was looking for a summer helper. The person to be recruited would be tasked with using this electromechanical device, called a teleprinter, which was quite old-fashioned for our time but was seen as a miracle at the time, sending and receiving printed messages.

Peter Tuchman accepted this job at the insistence of his father, and in 1985 he entered the New York Stock Exchange for the first time. There was a much more active atmosphere in the 1980s compared to today, as there was less electronics. People are running around; They were shouting papers in their hands, rejoicing or sitting down. After a summer there doing his temporary job, Peter knew that he belonged here and what he wanted to do now.


Never bought shares in his name

In addition to his economics education, Peter Tuchman found himself a job in a company working on the New York stock exchange with his ambitious and brash nature and worked there for several years. With its business discipline and positive attitude, it satisfied its customers at a high level and spent some of the 1990s specializing in arbitrage. Tuchman then decided to leave his company and become an independent broker.

After he started working independently, he started to work for himself, not for anyone, and became more specialized by holding on to his work. Tuchman started working at Quattro Securities in 2011. He has not bought a single stock himself, although over the years he has helped hundreds of people make millions of dollars. You might ask why, there is no answer to that. Maybe Tuchman is doing his job only because he likes it.

“My hair has always been important to me”

Although brokers are disappearing with the introduction of technology, Peter Tuchman is still a man who loves his job. So why is Peter Tuchman the most photographed person on Wall Street, and not someone who loves his job so much?

An account named “Hide Not Slide” on Twitter showed two points that could cause this. The first of these might be the crazy hair that earned him the nickname of Wall Street Einstein, and the other might be that he perfectly reflects the situations in the stock market with his gestures and gestures, just like an Oscar winner.

In an interview with Buzz Feed, Peter Tuchman emphasized that although he long ago lost his ponytail of over 50 cm, which he had grown in the 1980s, his hair was always something important to him, just like an asset.


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