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With Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page as the host, referring to the very popular Netflix series on Saturday Night Live was inevitable.

After Page channeled his character of Simon Basset in the opening monologue while trying to convince viewers that “he’s just a normal guy” and nothing like the Duke, the Anglo-Zimbabwean actor took over the show. Bridgerton character in a skit later in the show.

The sketch takes up one of the most talked about parts of Bridgerton, his sex scenes. It features Page playing himself on the set of the Netflix era drama Regency. SNLChloe Fineman, who appeared in Page’s monologue dressed as Daphne Bridgerton, plays Page co-star Phoeve Dynevor, who plays Daphne on Bridgerton. The sketch begins by recreating the famous heart-to-heart wedding night between Simon and Daphne, in which he confesses to her that “I am burning for you”. (Page also dropped the famous line in his monologue.)

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The Bridgerton The director, played by Kate McKinnon, then yells “cut” and announces that Page and Fineman’s Dynevor are going to do a sex scene next. But Bridgerton’s Regular privacy coordinator Paula had been exposed to Covid, so Netflix brought in a replacement, Richie (Mikey Day) and his assistant and nephew, Randy (Pete Davidson).

The duo have experience in on-set special effects including explosions, wind and ‘rude stuff’ and have just been certified as intimacy coordinators via Zoom after working in their field. of origin has dried up because of Covid.

It turns out that the two of them are not familiar with the script.

“I didn’t read it, it sounded like a girls show to me,” Davidson’s Randy says.

Day’s Richie assumes that Simon and Daphne are the sibling of Page and Fineman’s Dynevor’s protests.

“It’s Netflix, they’ve got some dark stuff in there,” says Richie.

The intimacy coordinators hand Page a Ziploc bag full of modest clothing of questionable cleanliness and hand over Fineman’s Dynevor Green Screen pasties they had invented.

Even more questionable is the choreography of the sex scene presented by Richie and Randy. (You can watch the sketch above.)

Much has been written about sex scenes on Bridgerton, who employs Lizzy Talbot as the privacy coordinator.

In an interview with Deadline last month, Julie Anne Robinson, who directed Episode 6, which included most of the sex scenes from Season 1, as well as the opening episode, described the creation process of a sex scene in the series.

“I would rehearse with the cast, we would talk about the scene in detail and we would decide what story the scene told,” Robinson said. “Then Lizzy, whom I have immense confidence in, left, and it was almost like a stunt rehearsal. I would do a dance sequence in the next room, they would do an intimate rehearsal. Lizzy was like, “Hey, we’re ready, we’ve got something to show you”. I would go, I would watch what they did, and I would be specific about the changes I wanted just the same way I would be with a fight streak and stunt coordinator.

Because BridgertonThe bedroom scenes were shot in an authentic Regency home, “there were bedroom monitors in the room when we were doing the sex scenes, and they didn’t want to leave,” Robinson said.

She has drawn the curtain on the actual shooting of the sex scenes, which the SNL sketch alluded to.

“People don’t really understand it, you have to make sure that the actors are comfortable by giving them props to place between their bodies so that they feel comfortable, so there is no physical contact in fact, everything is an illusion, ”she said. . “We were shooting a scene, the auditorium in the room was sitting there watching, and I had to call ‘Hold’. Lizzy, the intimacy coordinator, would run up with whatever object, a piece of yoga mat, or whatever, and then she would run out, I would say “Go on”. It’s the least romantic thing you can imagine.

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