Brand new features to come for Instagram

Instagram draws attention with the features it has tried and brought to the platform. Instagram, which recently brought the Reels feature and updated it, is now working on many new features. Here’s everything about Instagram group stories coming up and new Instagram features to roll out:

Instagram new features: Instagram group stories and more

It has been revealed that Instagram is working on “Group Stories” that users can add specifically for group chats on the platform. This feature, seen in the testing phase, is not known when it reaches the end user, but it seems like a nice feature for those who use and love group chats.

Another new feature is on the Reels side. This feature, which is also recorded as automatic progress / scrolling, seems to be under development at the moment. With this feature, users will be able to switch between Reels videos more easily and view the video in preview without having to open it.

Apart from Instagram group stories and Reels, a new feature will be introduced to the Instagram Direct Message section, allowing GIFs and stickers to be added. This feature used in WhatsApp seems to be shifted to the Instagram side. The feature, which will be presented with the addition of a starred section, allows users to send different sticker effects to each other.

Planning to bring small changes like these, Instagram wants to multiply its popularity. Many features that Instagram has tested are emerging. Although most of them are encountered by users, some features may remain as “tested features”.

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