Booba sends strength to the new title of rapper Lestin!

With his notoriety, Booba does not hesitate to give strength to his protégés. The rapper shares Lestin’s latest track on Instagram!

Very active on social networks, Booba spends a good part of his time feeding his various accounts with exclusive content. The rapper from 92 supports Lestin on Instagram!

Undisputed patron of French rap for many years, Booba is also a confirmed blogger.

Every day, the famous rapper from the 92 thus feeds his various accounts with funny, provocative, or unpublished posts.

With it, Internet users do not have time to be bored. They follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse!

As a result, Booba has no less than a million and a half subscribers on Instagram, his favorite platform. Far from his 4 million yesteryear, the artist still continues to be talked about.

Not long ago, the Duke then gave strength to Lestin, one of his proteges. His new title is very heavy!


To the delight of his millions of fans, Booba has just added a brand new post to his Instagram story.

With his notoriety, the famous rapper of the 92 thus gives strength to his protégé Lestin, by sharing his last title.

So this is the song Trop Tard, taken from his project Eno 2. And in the writing, we validate unanimously! The sound is amazing.

Seduced, the fans of Booba then reacted en masse to the post of their idol. So for them, this is a very nice discovery. Lestin subscribers are therefore likely to soar!

We let you take a look at the Insta story of the greatest clasheur in the history of French rap, but also that of his new foal.

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