Booba: his mother sends him an adorable message

Booba validated by his mother! She sends him a message to congratulate him on his new sound, and for his positions.

Booba’s mother therefore remains his biggest fan! By message, she would like to congratulate him on his latest sound, 5G. But also to encourage him in his positions in public. A touching moment …

Because even with his mother, “piracy is never over.” Even though he only sends her kisses and a pirate flag, it’s easy to imagine the Duke’s reaction to opening “M’s” message on his phone.

“M” is mom. And Booba’s mother remains very up to date with her son’s novelties. So she listened to her latest sound, 5G, and sent him her review. “I congratulate you on your new song which is number 1.”

But all the B2O news interests her mother! She therefore researched the opinions held by her son. Especially those after the assassination of Samuel Paty by a terrorist.

“I also heard what you said about the problematic cartoons (…) I like it”. Booba therefore finds himself “validated by Madré”, as he writes in the caption of his Instagram post … Pride.


Even though he was controversial about it in 2015, he can count on his mother. By saying “when you play with fire, you burn yourself”, he thus gave the impression of proving the terrorists right …

A controversy that he relaunched in 5G with a punchline, “Me, I know who I am, I am not Kouachi, I am not Charlie. A way for Booba to refuse to be associated with the ideas of terrorists …

But not a way to defend freedom of expression. He still uses it well in his texts, even in 5G. “You see the tchoin from last night, which wants to come back, annihilate it”. But it is “validated by the Madre! ”

Booba therefore seems very happy. He who does not often show off his parents receives congratulations from his mother … He therefore keeps his first fan close to him!

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