Booba defends his ex-protege Shay against Fanny Neguesha!

While she is no longer part of her label, Booba defended Shay on Instagram. Indeed, he was not tender with Fanny Neguesga!

Booba just reacted to an interview with Fanny Neguesha! Indeed, during this interview, the columnist of TPMP explained that Shay had copied his style …

Booba has just come across a video of Fanny Neguesha that displeased him a lot! And for good reason, the young woman explains to Sam Zirah that B20 has made Shay copy Fanny Neguesha!

So, although Shay is no longer part of his team, the duke wanted to answer! “But cousin comparing you to @shayizi is like comparing Putin and Sarkozy! There’s something to copy hello 🤣 !!! What song what manicure what footeux ?! When you have a PMW or even a “brother-Jacques” you tell us we will put you in a story go away !!! ”

So wrote Booba … A video posted on Instagram a few hours ago and already seen more than 300,000 times by Internet users!

While Fanny Neguesha has not yet responded to this attack … Booba has already held on and added a cup! Thus, the latter posted a video of a rap planet of Shay!

A video he accompanied this time with the following legend! “It is not because we work together more that we are going to let cellophanes without talent talent denigrate piracy !!! May the party continue! »He wrote!

There was nothing more for internet users hoping for a feat between the two rappers! “Well, it’s official, you validate Shay again! So when is the feat now? “Shay, she’s too strong!” Even since B20 fired him! So it’s good to recognize it! ”

Messages that have not yet received a response, neither from Booba nor from Shay!

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