Bollywood News – Varun Dhawan is set to break records after Coolie # 1 debacle! here’s how [Exclusive]

The recently released Coolie # 1 remake by Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan, again directed by director David Dhawan, has been heavily criticized on social media, leading most to believe the film was a failure. However, digging a little deeper does not appear to be the case. To get a clearer picture of reality, we spoke to one of the most trusted insiders in the industry, film exhibitor and distributor Akshaye Rathi, and he painted a completely different picture that will make you see Coolie No.1’s result in an entirely different light. Additionally, we also touched on Varun Dhawan’s upcoming films, which prompted Akshaye to reveal why the actor’s trajectory is on the rise. Also read – When Varun Dhawan left everyone on the sidelines by saying his parents replaced him with Natasha Dalal

Explaining why Coolie # 1 probably isn’t the debacle social media and the OTT-centric audience claim to be, Akshaye Rathi said, “We don’t know the audience (Coolie # 1). So there are so many of these mass artists like Race 3 for example that was as criticized and ridiculed as Coolie No 1 and also had bad reviews but still managed decent numbers. So the only way to check if the movie was a hit or miss was to check its box office which Coolie # 1 never got and we don’t know what the audience numbers were and all, So it’s hard to say if this was a success or a debacle for Amazon, but that said, the movies he’s lined up are incredibly impressive in terms of genre. Read also – Varun Dhawan-Natasha Dalal wedding: Karan Johar on the role of parent for his student of the year: “ My boy has grown up ”

“Jug Jugg Jeeyo (produced by Karan Johar; his neighbor) is a good family artist, Ekkis (with director Badlapur Sriram Raghavan) is an action saga and Bhediya is a horror comedy (alongside Kriti Sanon; directed by Amar Kaushik of Stree Fame). So all of these movies are very interesting, they are all very theatrical in terms of the setup and the way they seem to take shape. I’ve always thought Varun was the best talent we have for the theatrical business as long as he chooses his scripts correctly, and I think the kind of filmmakers associated with these films that come out are very interesting and I’m pretty much sure of here he will only climb the ranks and do a fantastic job, ”he added. Also read – Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal wedding: Satish Kaushik REVEALS why he does not attend the couple’s wedding

Coming to reports that Varun Dhawan is diving headlong into his future plans and not going on honeymoon with Natashah Dalal so as not to affect the timing and output of his projects, Akshay Rathi continued, “It could be. , but I’m not too sure. If that’s how dedicated he is to crafts and work, then that’s commendable. See, it’s a simple thing, to have a vacation you just have to find your dates, but for these movies it’s also the dates of hundreds of other crew members, cast members, co- actors and all that, and if those things are already sorted out, it won’t be great to fuss with those dates, so I think that’s commendable and I salute him as a professional.

As for Jug Jugg Jeeyo, Bhediya and Ekkis being the timeline for Varun’s upcoming movie roster, Akshaye Rathi concluded, “I think so, that’s what I understand.

Well … there you have it – maybe Coolie # 1 isn’t the disaster many of us imagined either, or Varun Dhawan’s career hits a major roadblock afterward. everything, given the kind of exciting projects he has in his kitty.

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