BLACKPINK breaks Ariana Grande’s YouTube record

The group reinforces its popularity on the video platform. BLACKPINK is crowned on YouTube and surpasses Ariana Grande as the female celebrity with the most subscribers.

The group continues with the success of “How You Like That”, the first release of their next comeback to be held in September. This month they will have a second pre single to promote their new album and before releasing it, the girls continue to add records to their careers.

The YouTube platform has become an essential tool for artists, especially K-pop, a musical phenomenon that has been gaining popularity internationally, each release of the idols becomes a major event in the early hours of the morning, as the MV’s able add million views in the first 24 hours.

The new goal reached by BLACKPINK was to register more than 42 million subscribers on its official channel, surpassing singers like Ariana, thus becoming the most followed female act on the platform.

The group’s success is due to their incredible choreography, concepts and songs, since they were only 4 years old and have positioned themselves in the top 5 of the artists with the largest number of followers worldwide.

In social networks , BLINK has shared their messages of congratulations and support to the girls for this new record, recognizing that Ariana is also very talented, in addition to being able to meet the girls and both have gone very far thanks to their career and effort .

BLACKPINK also becomes the first K-pop group to record 1 billion views with an MV, their videos exceed 100 million views, demonstrating their popularity in K-pop music and in public taste, as they also performed at the famous Coachella Festival.

Recently, the group achieved a triple crown with “How You Like That”, that is, they won for 3 consecutive weeks in the same program while promoting their single, since they have not left the Korean charts and thousands of units have come.

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