BLACKPINK and Jimmy Fallon have fun at presentation

The BLACKPINK girls chatted with Jimmy Fallon and amazed with the choreography for How You Like That. The BLINKs enjoyed a wonderful performance by BLACKPINK , who first showed off the entire How You Like That choreography .

YG’s group Entertainmente met Jimmy Fallon online. After the driver named BLACKPINK as the biggest pop group of the moment for their achievements and popularity, he invited them to take the Try Not To Laugh Challenge.

Different fun videos were shown and Rosé positioned herself as the winner of the game by not letting laughter beat her.

Later we could see the show that BLACKPINK prepared for this presentation . On a stage with blue lights the girls started with a formation led by Lisa , while Jennie surprised by dyeing part of her hair pink.

Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé and Jennie wore incredible costumes, the garments they wore are inspired by hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea, with which they showed an energetic choreography that infected the spirits and strength of the spectators of the show.

During the final part of the presentation, 8 dancers joined the performance of blackpink , accompanied from break dance to this tune.

BLACKPINK recently opened their official Twitter account, and following this surprise, they also revealed their first custom emojis.

Watch the full video of BLACKPINK’s presentation on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon :

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